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1.Лето (2018)
Выпущен • 7 июня 2018 г. • Драма / Музыка
Leningrad, one summer in the early eighties. Smuggling LP’s by Lou Reed and David Bowie, the underground rock scene is boiling ahead of the Perestroika. Mike and his beautiful wife Natasha meet...
2.Как разговаривать с девушками на вечеринках (2018)
Выпущен • 5 мая 2018 г. • Комедия / Музыка / Романтика / Н/Ф
An alien touring the galaxy breaks away from her group and meets two young inhabitants of the most dangerous place in the universe: the London suburb of Croydon.
 6.6/10 1080p22
3.Pup Star: World Tour (2018)
Выпущен • 5 мая 2018 г. • Комедия / Семейные / Музыка
PUP STAR is back, with an all-new movie that takes the popular singing dogs on trip around the world, where Tiny and friends find fantastic new songs and meet exciting new canine singers that prove...
4.Wanderland (2018)
Выпущен • 20 апреля 2018 г. • Приключения / Комедия / Музыка
A New York City man, Alex, takes an off-season trip to the Hamptons in attempt to escape his routine life in the city. While trying to spend his time relaxing, Alex ends up lost, putting him in...
5.Honey: Rise Up and Dance (2018)
Выпущен • 3 апреля 2018 г. • Драма / Музыка
Street dancer Skyler comes out of the shadow of her trained dancer sister, Tosha, & joins a dance competition with the Honey dance studio; the prize is a college scholarship.